article marketing 5 easy ways to make your articles more effective

Article marketing is not rocket science. However, to be effective there are certain things you must do. Neglect those things and your efforts will be misdirected. In this article, I will share with you five easy ways to make your articles more effective. Commit to applying these techniques and take effective action starting with your next article.
# 1: Provide unique content
To have any chance of you articles being accepted and published they must be unique. That means you have to use your own words and your own style of writing. It is essential to research your subject, which may involve reading other, authors work, but you must not plagiarise what they have written.
You should develop your own writing style. You will have to write several articles before you find the “voice” that suits your personality. When you have found your article “voice”, inject your personality into your writing. It will help your work stand out from the more pedestrian offerings.
All article directories prohibit you from submitting PLR articles because they are not unique content and they are not your work. Generally, PLR articles are of a low standard. You can produce better work yourself, so why use them?
# 2: Deliver on the promise in your title
Stand in your reader’s shoes for a moment and look at your article from their standpoint. Your reader has a problem he or she wants solving. They are looking for information to help them do that, and they have found your article because the title suggests that it may contain helpful information. Your reader will quickly scan your article to see if it helps them. If it does not they will be gone in the click of a mouse button, never to return.